Friday, 9 March 2012

How online earning system works:

Online earning working  mechanism :

We all aware of making money online in different methods like blogging, article writing, advertising, promoting etc. But do you all really know how this online earning mechanism works and how to check whether the site legit or scam. Most of the online earnings comes from websites this is simple that website owners outsource small tasks to outsourcing companies or users such as promoting, signups, writing blogs, referring friends, SEO etc and pays back to users. These websites makes money from advertising companies like Google, selling brands, direct promotions, promoting other sites ect.

How payments are done?                                                                                             

All companies and websites on the web fallow these three payment systems (1) cheques, (2) Bank transfers (3) online payments through paypal, Alertpay ect                                                                                                                            
Most of online transactions are done through online banks line Paypal, Alertpay etc These online banks use instant payments, acts like bridge between users and companies. Some other payment methods.                  

    Money Bookers
    Liberty Reserve